Asian American History

The Asian Americans were put in interment camps because the us government did not trust the Japanese people. Because of the attack on Pearl Harbor The Japanese did a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. After that attack American Government was not ready to accept the fact that the Japanese people are back and we should let them run free on the streets so they can plan another attack on the.U.S. So they can study our technology and other nuclear weapons so the us did not want that to happen so they put them in these internment camps.


The Japanese Americans grew half of California,Oregon and Washinton's  crops and other farming work. The way the Japanese people were treated was not right because if one person makes a mistake everyone should not suffer. Japanese people should have been sent to different place where they wont be bad . America was very protective of us of not risking our lives. That was one thing that America did right.

America understanding Japanese plans

Japanese plains getting ready to attack

This is a picture of the Japanese planes getting ready to attack pearl harbor.

                          Overview of the Pearl Harbor Attacked

Bombing started

This is a picture of an explotion made by the jets that the japanese made attack pearl harbor.

afterwards disaster

ships sinking