Lieutenant Daniel Inouye was a Japanese American who fought in World War 2 as a member of 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Many Japanese Americans wanted to prove their loyalty by fighting for their country during World War 2.
 Lieutenant Daniel Inouye  was wounded near Hill 913, where he was hit in his abdomen by a bullet, barely missing his spine. He continued to fight until his right arm was shattered by a German rifle grenade. He lost his right arm. After the war, Daniel Inouye became a US Senator from Hawaii. He received a Medal of Honor award for his loyalty and bravery on June 21, 2000.He was a true hero.

In 1976, Samuel I. Hayakawa became the first elected Japanese American official by winning a seat in the California Senate. Norman Mineta became the first Japanese American elected to the House of Representatives, again in California.

Violet Kazue de Cristoforo  was a Japanese American poet who was sent to interment camps. Her poems reflected the time that she and her family spent in interment camps. She wrote more than a dozen books of poetry during her lifetime.

Miné Okubo was an artist and a writer who  created approximately 2000 drawings and sketches of her experiences during the time she spend in an interment camps. She created a famous book called Citizen 13660, about her life at the camps.

Doris Okada Matsui  is an American politician of the Democratic Party. She was born in a Japanese interment camp.